Welcome to the website of Kolvenbach BV, specialist in Jaguar and Daimler automobiles.

Our company is based in Boven Leeuwen, the Netherlands and, since its foundation in 1980, has been a pioneer in the field of classic Jaguars and Daimler restoration in continental Europe. The knowledge and expertise built up over the last 25 years has enabled us to offer a range of quality services ranging from simple maintenance to full restoration and racing conversions for Jaguars or Daimlers of all ages.

Furthermore, we recently opened a new purpose built facility housing mainland Europe’s largest selection of Jaguar & Daimler parts and panelwork for cars of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a replacement engine for an SS1 or a Supercharger for an XJR, chances are we have it in stock.

This site contains elaborate information on maintenance, repair, restoration, rally & race preparation and parts and accessories for your Jaguar or Daimler as well as technical information and the latest news surrounding these legendary automobiles. However, should you require more detailed information we are more than pleased to assist. Please click the below link to send us an e-mail.

Also, we offer an e-mail bulletin service to keep you abreast of the latest news and special offers. Please note that your personal details will be handled with the utmost care and no information of any kind will be transmitted to third parties. Please click the below link to subscribe.

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